Subscribe to our e-Calendar

A new option is available if you use an electronic calendar (on your computer, phone, or pad device) and would like to have all of Congregation Beth Shalom’s upcoming planned activities automatically added to your e-calendar! When you create a subscription to our online calendar, all CBS events will automatically be populated on your device(s) — no typing/entering needed. Further, when a change occurs to the CBS calendar the new information will be automatically “pushed” to your device(s), updating your e-calendar on the fly. Depending on how you elect to set it up, you can be notified each time a new event and/or change occurs, or you can have all of this happen in the background. 

Apple Calendar users (Mac computers, iPhone, iPad) can click on the following link to subscribe to the CBS electronic calendar:


Users of other electronic calendars (Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar) may have to setup your calendar program by hand if clicking on the above link does not work. To do this start your electronic calendar program, then locate the option to “Subscribe” to an on-line calendar. Copy the entire webcal URL information above and paste it into the URL field in the subscribe form of your e-calendar program. 

The new CBS events can all appear under a separate header in your e-calendar titled “Congregation Beth Shalom.” Having all CBS events in their own header makes them easy to work with. You can choose to turn off (or back on) displaying of CBS calendar events entirely. You can also delete one (or more) of the calendared events so they are permanently removed from your calendar (although they will still be on everyone else’s calendar). You can delete all events associated with this calendar by just deleting the “Congregation Beth Shalom” e-calendar header. And you can unsubscribe from the e-calendar at any time ending all future updates. 

There are many different e-calendar programs in use today, and if you can’t figure out how to get the CBS e-calendar setup on the calendar program that you use – don’t worry!  Just contact our WebMaster ( and she’ll be happy to help you get it working.