Religious School

Congregation Beth Shalom’s Religious School is led by Rabbi Adler. The specific dates and times for each meeting are arranged in consultation with the parents of those children participating in the religious school that year. During the COVID-19 crisis, our religious school has been meeting online, and we welcome anyone interested in joining our program to contact Rabbi Adler for more information about participation, materials, and fees.

Our religious school is becoming something truly special. Our students are having an immersive experience with the Hebrew language – after encountering a new letter in the Hebrew alphabet, we immediately learn a few words in modern Hebrew that begin with that letter. The students are also really enjoying working through a book with skits for each of the Torah portions. As such, we are learning the stories in the Torah one by one as we act out the parts and imagine what it would feel like to be each of the characters (including God!).

Parallel to our Jewish holiday cycle, after celebrating Simchat Torah and beginning the reading of the Torah anew in the book of Genesis, we, too, in religious school (or “Friday school” as one of the students calls it!) act out the skits for these evocative stories in Genesis and asking important questions about the nature of good and evil, human free will, and the often complicated and sometimes troubling dynamics of family relationships in these early stories of our people.

Preparing for Purim!

Learning to write Hebrew (in chocolate) and to blow the Shofar!