Membership Overview

Anyone can become a member of Congregation Beth Shalom! Being a member allows you to participate in all religious and social activities conducted by the congregation (some events might require an additional charge, typically to pay for food). Membership also permits use of the synagogue facilities for family life cycle events (i.e., bris, bnai mitzvot, marriage, funerals), and the right to participate in the governance processes of the synagogue (i.e., voting at annual and special membership meetings, serving on the Board of Directors). While membership in CBS is broad and inclusive, individuals whose words or actions tend to be disruptive of the activities of Congregation Beth Shalom may have their membership status reviewed, and potentially revoked, by the Board of Directors.

CBS has established a sliding scale of dues based on total family income. These dues, assessed annually, are carefully budgeted and spent by the Board for the necessary operation of the congregation. Budgets are approved at a public meeting each Spring. While each member is encouraged to support the congregation to the best extent possible, no person will be denied membership in Congregation Beth Shalom for financial reasons. Individuals having special needs, or those requiring some accommodation, are urged to contact the CBS Treasurer.